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Would You Classify A Bobcat As Heavy Equipment?

Bobcats, you see them everywhere these days. The bobcat is generally considered to be a landscape gardeners tool of choice when it comes to digging, moving soil and moving heavy plants. Although they are small in size, could they still be considered heavy equipment?

It would depend on your definition of heavy equipment. In my mind, heavy equipment is any mechanized device that takes the manual labor out of an earth moving job. You can also add to that some of the basic skills required to operate a bobcat are also those required to operate some of the larger construction machines.

The reverse is certainly true. If you can operate a bulldozer, you should be able to make the transition to a bobcat very quickly. Safety requirements are very similar as are operating techniques in the cab. They both require hand, feet and eye coordination.

Heavy equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Apart from cranes, they all have one thing in common – they are used to move dirt, gravel and sand around. They all require similar training as well although a bobcat can be picked up on the job fairly quickly. However, if you have the basic skills acquired whilst learning to operate the large brothers of the bobcat, handling a bobcat will be easy.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide all the training required to operate the large earth moving equipment. The bobcat, learn to operate a dozer or a frontend loader and you will be right at home in a bobcat.

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