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The Challenging Role Of A Dump Truck Driver

Being a dump truck driver can be quite challenging since the job itself involves more than just driving. There are many that consider dump truck driving to be easy, and it can be at times. If you are simply transporting material from A to B and dumping it in one spot, it’s just a truck driving job.

Dump truck drivers generally do far more than that. On construction sites, and more so on road building projects, dump truck drivers don’t just dump their load. Their role is to spread the material in their dumper, and they do this by opening the hopper slightly – the size of opening depending very much on the material being spread and how much is required. The dumper is then slowly raised as the driver moves across the area when the material is required. This becomes a real test of skill for dump truck drivers since the construction team are relying on his/her accuracy in spreading that material.

It takes a lot of practice to learn how different materials react to this spreading process. Sand will obviously move out a lot faster than gravel. The driver will also need to ensure the dump tray is being raised at the right speed. Too slow and the material won’t flow as required, and too fast will see too much of the material being laid.

Our truck driver training program gives you the opportunity to learn all about dump trucks and how to operate them effectively. You’ll get plenty of time behind the wheel to practice your truck driving skills, and you’ll get plenty of time to practice operating the dumping mechanism. If you’re looking for a truck driving job that involves more than just driving, consider a career as a dump truck driver.

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