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Dump Trucks Used To Be A Boy’s Toy

There was a time when boys grew up playing with trucks and girls grew up playing with dolls. These days, boys and girls play with trucks (and probably dolls) and for some, it’s hard to take that child out of them when they grow up. You can find men and women working together as dump truck drivers on a lot of construction sites, and to watch them, you’d think they were still in their childhood.

So what makes dump truck driving popular? Apart from childhood memories, dump trucks offer a lot. The money is good and the work is regular. In fact, dump trucks are often the last piece of machinery to come to a stop due to weather or the completion of a project. Regular work means regular income, and that’s a must for those who take the owner-driver route.

Dump truck driving involves both team work and individual work. As a team, you need to work with heavy equipment operators so they can fill your dumper quickly and efficiently. In other situations, you will need to work with a team when dumping material, especially when bringing in material used for projects such as roads.

As an individual, you are the master of your vehicle, often buzzing around the place, loading here, unloading there – it’s never a dull moment. There are special skills involved with dump truck driving, team work being one of them, and driving another. You will also need to learn how to use the dumping mechanism, especially when it comes to slow dumping of material over a distance.

Since dump trucks are generally required to drive on public roads, a commercial drivers license will be needed before you can seek employment. We offer professional dump truck driver training along with a career service that can help you find your first job.

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