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The Benefits That Heavy Equipment Operators Often Receive

Whilst heavy equipment operators are well paid, their rewards don’t stop there. Like all jobs, there are benefit packages that are offered when you first start with an employer. The size and scope of these benefits packages is generally determined by the size of your employer, your experience, and your reputation.

So what benefits can a heavy equipment operator expect?

  • Health care that may include medical, dental, vision and prescription medication coverage. These health care programs may include family members as well,
  • Life insurance plans that include disability cover,
  • Retirement plans,
  • Cash bonuses – these are generally tied to contracts, if a contract is completed early or on time, then a cash bonus may be payable. Some employers also offer bonuses for safety records and long service,
  • Paid vacations, and
  • Paid training – some employers may even reimburse heavy equipment operators the costs associated with additional training such as truck driver training and crane operator training.

That is only a short list of common benefits offered by employers, however, the total value of a paycheck together with those benefits can be quite sizable. For heavy equipment operators who are highly skilled and who have a good reputation as operators can also look forward to job security, even when times are tough. Employers will hang on to their most valued employees for as long as possible – you certainly wouldn’t be the first let go when times are tough.

If you want a well-paid career that comes with a lot of side benefits, then heavy equipment operations should be on your list. It only takes three weeks of heavy equipment operator training to prepare you for the work place – from there, your future is in your hands, and it could be a lucrative and enjoyable working future at that.

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  1. It makes a lot of sense that heavy equipment operators would be well compensated and have lots of security in keeping their jobs. By having someone on your crew who can operate anything it allows you to do things like crane rentals without having to hire more personnel. This would save you quite a bit of money and help you keep a good reputation as well.

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