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Want To Earn More Money As A Heavy Equipment Operator?

Everyone wants a bigger pay check each month, however, convincing your employer you deserve more money is often a difficult task. There are several ways you can help your cause, and most of them revolve around how flexible and important you are to your employer. We have spoken in previous posts about being proficient in the operations of a range of heavy equipment, and employers are now preferring to employ operators with these skills.

Employers are also looking for heavy equipment operators who have a commercial drivers license. It’s almost becoming a must-have with a high proportion of heavy equipment operator job vacancies we receive, including a current CDL as a requirement. Employers will pay a premium for those heavy equipment operators who have a commercial drivers license since that reduces the need to employ separate truck drivers.

Operators can transport their own equipment to the job site and back again, or on to the next job. There’s no down time whilst the operator waits for a truck to arrive and pick-up/drop-off their equipment.

Our truck driver training program can help heavy equipment operators gain their commercial drivers license in just over three weeks (if you’re prepared to do some of the work at home), or five weeks for a complete CDL-A training program. That’s a short period of training for what will be a lifetime skill, and a qualification your employer can make use of almost immediately.

For employers looking to up-skill their heavy equipment operators, truck driver training could prove to be ideal. That extra skill can help you better plan your operators activities, reduce costs overtime, and add diversity to your employer’s working life, a factor that leads to a more satisfied group of employees. For heavy equipment operators who want to earn more money, simply add a CDL-A to your skills list. It could make a big difference over time.

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