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Staying Safe with Heavy Equipment Safety for Tractors

Tractors are one of the most straightforward pieces of heavy equipment that you are ever likely to operate, but from time to time things do go wrong. Today we are going to look at a few heavy equipment safety tips that can keep you out of trouble on your tractor.

  • Don’t wear loose fitting clothes – This may seem obvious, but for some people it isn’t. Loose fitting clothes and tractors (or any other kind of heavy equipment) do not mix. Long or excessively baggy jackets are an obvious no-no but don’t forget that the humble scarf has the potential to be deadly. Wear a neck-warmer if you need to drive a tractor in the cold.
  • Go easy on the speed – Tractors are heavy and that additional weight can make them quite difficult to stop. Most injuries involving tractors involve rollovers, sticking to sensible speeds is one way to reduce this risk.
  • Be careful on inclines – Do not try to drive a tractor up or down steep hills. If you are on an incline there is a much greater chance of rollover. Most tractors are not suitable or driving in steep terrain.

Good luck and safe tractor driving. With icy conditions in a lot of parts of the country, you do need to take extra care. If you have any questions relating to tractor safety or heavy equipment safety in general, please feel free to contact us at Associated Training Services.

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