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Make no Compromises on Heavy Equipment Safety

One of the things that we really try to stress here at Associated Training Services is heavy equipment safety. The amount of workplace accidents in the United States is alarmingly high. We firmly believe that all accidents are avoidable and try to instill this philosophy in all of our students.

Would you report a workmate for unsafe behavior? Most people would answer that question with a definite, “no.” Reporting workmates for unsafe behavior goes against the grain of many people. The fact is, however, that unsafe work practices put lives and jobs at risk. If you are a heavy equipment operator, then you have a duty of care to your fellow workers. You are responsible for heavy equipment safety relating to your machine. If you allow workers to behave unsafely around your heavy equipment, you are, to a certain extent, responsible.

If you do not want to report your workmates for unsafe practices, you should at least make them aware of heavy equipment safety guidelines. Talk to them; remind them of the dangers of their actions. If they persist in working unsafely then it might become necessary to take action. Do not let heavy equipment accidents occur on your watch.

If you have any questions regarding heavy equipment safety, please contact us at Associated Training Services.

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