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Heavy Equipment Safety Tips for Graders

Graders are a potentially dangerous piece of heavy equipment. If you operate a grader then you bear a certain level of responsibility for the safety of your fellow workmates. While heavy equipment safety is part of grader training, it never hurts to brush up on safety skills. This is a short list of safety tips. Some of them are quite obvious, however, these are areas that are of concern at many workplaces around the country.

  • There should only ever be one person on the grader. It is a one-person piece of heavy equipment. Do not allow people to ride on the grader.
  • Always ensure that people and vehicles are clear of the grader before reversing. You need to take special care to ensure that there is no one behind you.
  • Know your hand signals and use them.
  • If not in use, the snow wing should be fully raised and secured by chains.
  • Don’t coast downhill, always maintain a speed that is appropriate for conditions.
  • Test the brakes, transmission, clutch and controls before operation.
  • When possible park on level ground, if this is not possible, block the wheels securely.
  • Safe operation of graders will help to minimize the accidents in your workplace. If you have any questions regarding heavy equipment safety, please do not hesitate to contact us at Associated Training Services.

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