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The Sport Of Heavy Equipment Operations

Humans are so competitive. It doesn’t really matter what sort of work you do, there is always going to be some sort of competition and heavy equipment operators are no different. They have their own competitions to try and prove who is the best operator.

Most of the heavy equipment competitions involve precision. If your using a backhoe, how quickly can you dig a trench that is exactly four feet deep, four feet wide and twenty foot long – and as straight as possible? What about a front end loader, how quickly can you move a load of material from point A to point B leaving point A nice and clean the pile at point B neatly shaped. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

Precision is the key, however as heavy equipment operators become more proficient, speed has been added to the mix. These competitions have becomes very competitive and bring many spectators from outside the industry – why? It is actually a lot of fun watching these large machines go head to head in a race.

Believe it or not, the prizes for some of these competitions can be huge. There is a competition in the new year where first prize is a brand new excavator – now these machines are not cheap.

Of course, to compete at that level you need plenty of experience and before you can get that experience you need training. Get the best heavy equipment training to prepare you for work from the training provider that has all the experience and credentials – ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools. You may not win one of these competitions tomorrow – but we can get you started.

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