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Specialized Training To Meet Industry Specific Needs

Work places are not the same, especially in industries like construction and mining. These industries often have special situations that call for specific skills, skills that are not always readily available in the general workforce. To cater to the needs of these workplaces, employers are often forced to recruit employees who are well suited to the situation, and to then train them in the specific skills required.

Associated Training Services (ATS) has a long history of working with employers to deliver training that meets these specific needs. Our training can be designed specifically for your work environment and the equipment or work required. We deliver training in areas such as:

  • NCCCO Crane Operator Training, Testing and Certification
  • OSHA Compliant Rigging & Signal Person Training, Testing and Qualification
  • NCCER Heavy Equipment Training, Testing and Qualification
  • Class-A CDL Commercial Driver Training, Testing and Licensing

Our instructors are certified and they work from the latest in training methods, up-to-date curricula, and where necessary, to national accreditation standards. Training can be delivered on-site, or in our training facilities. Designing a training program to meet specific requirements can be challenging, however, our instructors are experienced and work closely with employers to ensure that training meets their needs, the regulatory requirements, and any specific requirements such as insurance.

If you require specialized training for your workplace, contact us to discuss your needs. Our long history of success (over 40 years) is based on customer satisfaction and industry relationships we have built. By working closely with industry, national accreditation organizations, and regulatory authorities, and we are able to deliver no matter how specialized your requirements.

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