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Specialized Equipment Operator Training

Employers are often caught in a difficult situation when it comes to having employees who have been trained to a standard required in that particular workplace. Employers can opt to employ trainers themselves, however, this can be a lengthy and expensive process since trainers will need to develop training programs and organize testing processes that result in formally recognized qualifications. The alternative is to engage the services of a training company that trains in specialized equipment training.

The benefits of engaging a training company like Associated Training Services (ATS) are many. ATS already has a wide range of training programs developed. These can often be developed to suit your workplace. If not, our experienced staff can quickly develop a training program suited to your workplace. We have a long history of working with employers to deliver training designed specifically for their work environment and the equipment or work required. We deliver training in areas such as:

  • Crane Operator Training, Testing and Certification,
  • OSHA Compliant Rigging & Signal Person Training, Testing, and Qualification,
  • Heavy Equipment Training, Testing and Qualification, and
  • Class-A CDL Commercial Driver Training, Testing and Licensing.

It is important to have instructors who are certified and who utilize the latest training methods. We can deliver training on-site or in our training facilities. Contact us if you require specialized training for your workplace. We have fifty years of successful service to the industry and during that time has built a strong reputation for quality and delivering what the customer needs, not what we think you need. We work closely with industry, national accreditation organizations, and regulatory authorities to ensure our standards exceed those expected within the industry.

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