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Specialized Truck Driving Job Vacancies On The Increase

Major transport companies have, in recent years, started to push into areas that were once the domain of small owner operators. The oil fields and associated mining were once happy hunting grounds for these small owner operators because of the specialized nature of their work. Sand tankers are a good example – a few owner operators were able to service the needs of most areas and make a good living.

Today, those small operators are being overrun by big transport companies, and it’s all related to economies of scale. Large transport companies can buy in 100 or 200 trucks, gaining huge discounts because of the size of the order. Those trucks can then be distributed to wherever the need is greatest, then re-distributed when required. Of course, with 100/200 trucks in operation, that suddenly increases demand for drivers, and flow-on effect can be felt in the industry across the nation.

The end result is a general shortage of truck drivers, and in some areas, a chronic shortage of specialized truck drivers. On the weekend we saw a job vacancy listing from Schneider. They are looking for experienced sand tanker drivers in Odessa, TX, and drivers are looking at pay rates of $65,000+. Schneider are not alone when it comes to specialized drivers – a closer look will demonstrate a shortage of drivers everywhere.

You can’t expect to start life as a truck driver in a $65,000+ specialized job. However, it doesn’t take a lot of experience to be snapped up by large companies, especially if you work hard at establishing a reputation for being a good driver who always arrives on time without incident. It all starts with a commitment from you, and good quality truck driver training. We can deliver the training, are you committed to completing your training and building a solid reputation as a truck driver? If so, contact us, the industry needs you!

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