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OSHA Fines

OSHA Fines or Training

The Importance of Properly Trained Employees

OSHA can fine employers, and those fines can add up quickly. If employees aren’t properly trained, or if there are PPE violations, OSHA can issue a citation for each employee violation. While not every case will warrant a per-employee citation, those fines and citations can be issued as the agency sees fit.

If your company doesn’t always have all its employees wearing their PPE, it can mean serious financial problems. As an example, the rule was enacted because a company hired 11 undocumented workers from Mexico. These employees were put to work handling asbestos, but they weren’t provided respirators.

At that time, before the regulation was enacted, OSHA wanted to enact 11 different citations, but the court consolidated them into one single citation. With the new rule, 11 citations would be 11 times the cost of one citation.

Ensuring Employees Are Properly Trained

As an employer, you are responsible for making sure your employees have undergone popular training and have access to the required PPEs. The violation could be financially devastating to your business, and it could cost you significantly in the long run because you could lose employees who have already been trained to do the job.

The cost of paying the OSHA fines and then hiring and retraining new employees can set your operation back significantly, so it isn’t worth the risk. You should make sure your employees have all the proper certifications and training so they will know how to handle their job duties and the proper safety protocol and procedures required for the job.

Proper Training

At ATS Specialized Training School, we offer all the necessary certifications and training programs to ensure your employees understand the processes and know the requirements. Call us today to learn about the different training programs.

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