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Operating A Crane Is Like Herding Cats

I recently read that statement and it has stuck with me ever since. Operating a crane takes a degree of finesse, dexterity and certainly plenty of coordination – a little like to trying to herd cats.

Imagine yourself 140 feet up in the air trying to lower a concrete block into 40 foot hole in the ground. The directions you have is from some guy on the ground flapping his arms is a variety of gestures, all having a particular meaning, and a meaning you need to follow. Why? That concrete block could weigh a couple of ton and they want it placed precisely where it is needed. A little like trying to fit a jigsaw puzzle piece exactly into place, from 140 feet in the air.

Yet crane operators do this all day everyday and they slot that jigsaw puzzle piece in first time, every time until that building is fully constructed – then it’s off to the next construction site to start all over again. boring you say, never. When you have to be that precise, you don’t get the chance to be bored.

Learning to operate a crane is definitely a challenge, but a challenge worth taking on if you are interested in getting into the construction in well paid position. If this all sounds exciting to you then consider training to be a crane operator through ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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