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Ever Operated A Crane? Complete Your Qualifications By Becoming Certified

Certified crane operators are in strong demand around the nation. However, in most states, you cannot operate a crane without that piece of paper that says you are certified. Thousands of people have worked as crane operators in the past before moving on to other careers, or perhaps other heavy equipment. If you’re one of these people and have been considering changing back to a crane operator career, the news is good.

To re-enter the workplace as a crane operator requires three steps. Undertake the safety components for crane operator and take some type of refresher course to ensure your knowledge is up to date and your skills current. The final step is to undertake an assessment of your skills and knowledge. If you pass these assessments then you will be officially recognized as a certified crane operator.

You may argue that you have twenty years experience behind the controls of a crane. Many would argue it was twenty years of developing bad work habits – which of course you would deny, and I don’t blame you. Certification is a way of proving to others you do have current skills and knowledge. With that certificate no one can say you have twenty years of bad habits – you have had twenty years of skills building.

Certification is also used to ensure that every crane operator has the same set of foundation skills and knowledge. Those working around a crane will know that, no matter who the operator is, the crane will be operated in a safe and almost predictable way. This makes for a much safer workplace and, over time, a more efficient workplace.

Becoming a certified crane operator is not that difficult with companies such as ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools offering comprehensive training and follow up assessments. You get the complete package at ATS – crane operator training and formal certification – or in the case of a former operator, refresher training and certification.

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