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Why You Need Crane Operator Certification

Crane’s are potentially one of the most dangerous machines on a building site so many states have introduced crane operator certification. By certifying operators, the theory is that crane-related accidents will fall, thus reducing workplace injuries and deaths. That, in a nutshell, is why you need crane operator training.

That was the short version. The long version is a little more involved. Yes, safety is a primary concern. However, to get to a level where all crane operators are acting to identical sets of rules, there needs to be a consensus on what those rules should be. The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is the organization that was formed to plan training and assessment guidelines for crane operators.

Training and assessment for certification is now a nationwide standard. No matter where you do your crane operator training, if the training organization is accredited by NCCCO then everyone will receive similar training and pass the same assessments. So the first step was to establish a set standard throughout the country.

The second component was to accredit those organizations that were capable of delivering the training required. Accreditation was also given to those organization that met the minimum standards for assessing crane operators. There is now a national standard of training and assessing, which ensures that any crane operator that has been certified can effectively work anywhere in the country.

Whilst crane operator certification was originally planned to reduce workplace accidents, the end result is a set of minimum standards for all crane operators. These standards cover the complete range of crane operations, including, of course, safety. Find a training organization that is NCCCO accredited to deliver both the training and assessment of crane operators and you will be assured your training meets national standards.

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