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Crane Operator Certification Creates Employment Stability

Crane operators are always in demand and the more experience you can gain the more in demand your skills will become. Over the last decade there has been a distinct change in the careers of crane operators with most states now requiring operators to become certified. Gaining your crane operator certification may be a bit of a hassle if you’re already employed in the industry – but it does come with a few benefits.

As each state introduced compulsory certification of crane operators, some of the older operators moved out of the industry instead of undertaking crane operator testing. This of course has opened the doors to new operators who receive crane operator training and certification at the same time. For others, certification has brought with it more stability within the industry.

For employers, crane operator certification brings with it an expectation of a minimum standard of skills and knowledge. They rely on the certification process to guarantee that standard. If you apply for a vacancy holding a certificate in your hand, the employer is confident that you meet the standard and are capable of doing the job required.

A more important benefit to operators is the portability of their qualification. Their training and certification means they can find employment virtually anywhere within the country. If they have a wealth of experience, they can often also find employment internationally, particularly working for local companies that working on projects in developing countries.

Choosing a career as a crane operator places you into one of the most satisfying and highest paid positions within the construction industry. With a steady demand of certified crane operators projected over the next five years, now is a good time to gain that training and certification. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for more information on crane operator training and certification.

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