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The Credentials Here Speak For Themselves

Despite all the gloomy forecasting, there is hope for people looking to retrain for a new career and Associated Training Services if the right place to start down that new career path. These are the people that offer everything from crane operator training to job placement after you’ve completed the backhoe course that’s offered here. There are many different things that should draw the person looking for a change into the Associated Training Services Network and one of the first things that should sell you are the credentials.
Remember that these are the people that have been working on getting the best heavy equipment training for their students since 1959 and in that time they’ve been able to amass some pretty impressive credentials that include:

    -accreditation through The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). This is an organization that was formed by 11 of the world’s largest construction companies to oversee the industry and they’ve recognized ATS with top honors.
    -ATS has schools licensed by state boards of education in many states

When you’re looking for the training that you’ll need on the bulldozer, crane or anything in between, there is really only one place where you’ll be sure to get the best that the industry has to offer. Associated Training Services has the best personnel as well as the all the credentials that will make you feel comfortable that you’ve found the place where you’ll be able to get the best in heavy equipment operator training that will get you the best job possible.

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