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Nationally Accredited Bulldozer Training Becoming Job Requirement

If you want to enter the workplace as a bulldozer operator then it may pay to check out what accredited bulldozer training is available in your area. Employers are increasingly looking operators who have undertaken formal training. One of the key reasons behind this is the increased push for workplace safety and the huge fines that can be issued for poor workplace safety practices.

Of course that is only one reason. Bulldozer training that has been accredited means that it complies with a set a of guidelines that has been laid out by industry. The old fashion bulldozer training involved jumping into the cab and either learning from a friend (and picking up their bad habits), or teaching yourself. That can be fine when it comes to the actual operation of the bulldozer, however the role of a bulldozer operator goes far beyond that.

Employers rely on their operators to their best to keep their equipment on the job for as long as possible. This means as little time in the repair shop as possible. Part of an operators bulldozer training program includes minor maintenance and preventative maintenance measures.

Maintenance measures include ensuring fluid levels such as hydraulic and engine oil are always at the correct level, Keeping the equipment clean and free of mud, sand or debris, and daily walk around inspections to check for damage. Operators that have not had formal bulldozer training often miss these maintenance factors.

There are several establishments around the nation that deliver accredited bulldozer training. One of the largest both in size and in history is ATS Heavy Equipment Operator School. They have over 45 years of training experience and provide training in over 10 centers around the nation.

When selecting your bulldozer training company make sure the company is accredited and that the training they deliver is also accredited. ATS is accredited as a training organization through the National Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER). ATS heavy equipment Operator Schools are also accredited to deliver training and for students to be nationally certified by NCCER and receive certifications and credentials from NCCER. This makes ATS the perfect solution for bulldozer training.

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