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Bulldozers Hard At Work Preparing For Summer

Now that winter is officially over it is time to start preparing for summer especially if you are a bulldozer operator. It may still be cool (alright freezing) in some areas, other areas start to warm up quite quickly – too quickly for some. Heat, particular when accompanied by warm winds, can turn a lush woodland into a tinderbox within days. We all know what horrors summer can bring when it comes to bush fires – if you need a reminder then check out the devastation witnessed in Australia of the last month.

One tactic that has been used for 100’s of years is the establishment of firebreaks. For some, they are scars on the landscape, for others, they are life savers. Firebreaks can be 100-200 yards wide and are generally devoid of any inflammable materials. Whilst in the past firebreaks where created by hand – many hands in fact, these days they can be built and maintained in a fraction of the time. This is one area where the humble bulldozer comes into its own.

Bulldozer are perfectly designed for building fire breaks. The have the strength and power to knock down trees, level the ground so that fire services can gain access, and generally keep a fire break totally free of vegetation and other combustible materials.

The next two months will see bulldozer operators busy building or maintaining these fire breaks. Fancy getting out and building fire breaks but don’t know how to operate a bulldozer? Never fear, ATS is here. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools provide accredited training on a wide range of heavy equipment including bulldozer. We can have you in the cab operating a bulldozer like an old hand in a matter of weeks. What you do from there is up to you.

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