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The History Of The Bulldozer

The history of the bulldozer is rather simplistic and like most inventions, came from a need. They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and that is true of the bulldozer.

In early days, the bulldozer was no more than a farm tractor which had a bulldozer style blade attached to the front. This blade had no independent movement. It could not be raised or lowered or tilted although later versions could be adjusted if the operator got out and made the adjustments manually.

The necessity that created the bulldozer was quite wide. Trees needed to be knocked down, tree stumps removed, rocks pushed aside and bumps in the terrain smoothed over. The old farm tractor bulldozer was fairly adept at handling these tasks.

Of course, eventually someone decided that money could be made from building a specific bulldozer, a unit that could have the blade controlled from within the cab, and a machine that had far more grunt that a simple farm tractor.

Today’s bulldozer look nothing like those first machines. When you climb into the cab of a modern bulldozer you could be met with an array of technology ranging from GPS to digital read outs on hydraulic pressure, blade positions and even internal temperature.

Whether you are operating a bulldozer that is fifty years old or a modern marvel, the concepts are still fairly similar. You still need to set a height and an angle of the blade, you still need to know how to attack a job, more importantly, you still need to be trained to get the most out of the machine.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have been around for a long time, almost as long the bulldozer itself – well perhaps not quite that long. However we have grown with the technology and we are recognized by industry as a training organization that deliver quality training on range of heavy equipment including bulldozers. If you can see yourself behind the controls of a massive dozer, then give us a call to see what training options are available for you.

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