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Bulldozers Lead The Highway Building Charge

Across the nation the noise from construction crews getting ready to build new roads and bridges can be heard – well, at least the noise from the politicians talking about the economic stimulus package and the new roads and bridges that will be built. However, I do know that the time for talk is almost over – it is almost time for action and the first crews out will be the bulldozers.

Without the sheer power of the bulldozer many of our roads would have taken years to construct. Bulldozers have the role of taking the top of the surface, smoothing areas out, ripping out tree stumps and generally preparing an area ready for the graders and much of the other equipment used in road construction.

Graders off course use finesse to finely finish the surface. Bulldozers, as the name suggests, get stuck in and, well, bulldoze their way through. Anything that is in the way gets shunted to one side, dirt, rock, you name it, the bulldozer will shift it.

With the billions of dollars going into highway construction over the next 12-24 months now is the time to become a fully trained bulldozer operator. In the months to come you will start to see more and more positions vacant notices for bulldozer operators. If you complete your training over the next two to three months you will be perfectly placed to take advantage of these opportunities.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools include bulldozer training as part of their heavy equipment training programs. There are no pre-requisites apart from age, you need to be over 18, so whether or not you finished high school – you can still undertake training.

Bulldozer operators are highly regarded and well paid within the construction industry. If this is the career for you then check our web pages for more information.

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