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Money Should Not Be An Obstacle

Is money stopping you from changing careers? It is one of the main reasons that people stick out their current careers even though they hate every day they go to work. Money shouldn’t be an obstacle to a new career, and at Associated Training Services, we don’t believe it should stop you from seriously considering a career as a heavy equipment operator.

Training to become a heavy equipment operator is not free. There are training costs involved, and sometimes, ancillary costs such as travel and/or accommodation. We minimize these costs as much as possible, including the cost of local accommodation. By staying close to our training school, you will also save on travel costs.

You will still have an upfront cost that must be paid prior to your training commencing. We have tried to alleviate this problem by providing a financial assistance service. If you qualify for a career loan, for example, your training, and many of those ancillary costs are covered. As an alternative, you may be eligible for funding through various government programs, including those designed to help current and former military personnel and their families.

Money should not stop you from undertaking training to become a heavy equipment operator. If it has in the past, come and talk to us, or fill in our online application for financial assistance. If granted, you will have made that all-important first step to a new and challenging career as a heavy equipment operator. Our financial assistance service is also available to those looking to train to become truck drivers or crane operators.

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