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Loaders Called Upon To Help Shift Record Snow Falls

Loaders get called in to do a variety of jobs including helping to clear snow. Once again, there are areas around the nation that are reporting record levels of snow. It is seems odd that whilst record snow and freezing conditions are also being reported in Europe, political leaders have meetings to discuss global warming. The global warming going on right now is in people’s lounge rooms as they try to keep the cold out. At least modern loader operators get to work in heated cabs.

Heavy snow often sees a call go out to all heavy equipment operators to help clear fallen snow. At times, the snow can be too deep or packed for traditional snow plow equipment. This is where loaders are able to help. They can scoop up buckets full of snow and deposit it all in areas where they will do no harm. It can still be a slow and dangerous job, however. With icy conditions loaders can struggle to find a grip to dig out thick snow.

It is situations like this that test the knowledge, skill and experience of loader operators. Those that started their careers with a good sound training program generally do better over time when it comes to developing new skills and becoming proficient operators. It stands to reason, of course. If your knowledge base is weak to start with, you have no substantial skills to build upon.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a long and hard earned reputation for producing graduates that are well training and ready to commence work. Employers know that graduates from ATS are reliable and well trained so they will often select an ATS application over all others based simply on this knowledge. If your future career is as a loader operator, contact us at ATS to see when our next training course commences.

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