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ATS Offers Lifetime Employment Assistance

Lifetime Employment Assistance

Did you know that Associated Training Services has a lifetime employment assistance service? It’s true — and it does last for a lifetime. As long as one of our graduates needs help finding the next job, ATS is here to help that graduate get employment. Why would a training school offer such a drastic benefit?

We Know the Quality of Our Training Programs

ATS has been in the business of training heavy equipment operators, mobile crane operators, rigger/signalpersons, and Class-A CDL truck drivers for decades. We have developed a nationally recognized program with all the certifications and standards that are needed for being approved as a training program for state and federal funding. Our instructors are the best, and in some cases, we helped develop the training curriculum being used across the country.

We Know Our Students

Every student that walks into our training program gets personal career counseling. These sessions result in a relationship and specific job suggestions based on your interests. Career Services will also work with students on the “soft skills” that are often neglected: resume writing, application procedures, interview techniques, and more. You can’t do that without getting to know each other.

We Know Life Changes Sometimes

There is one thing that’s true in life, and that is that things change. Five, ten, or fifteen years down the road there may be a need to find a new position because you had to move, or the economy in a certain location changed, or whatever. Life has a way of throwing a curve ball once in a while, and being able to rely on ATS Employment Assistance helps you recover your balance and move on in a new job.

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