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When Choosing A Training School

There are many things to be selective about when deciding on a training school for something as important as heavy equipment operator skills. It isn’t enough just to be skilled, for instance. Most employers are very particular about things like certification because their insurance company demands it. But as good as a heavy equipment operator training school is, if these four things aren’t part of the Employment Assistance program, you are going to be missing out on a lot of potential career options:

  1. Job Leads as long as you need them — ATS offers employment assistance for a lifetime and maintains an extensive database of employers who want to hire ATS graduates. That database is available whenever you need it, and the employment assistance personnel are prepared to help. No worries about relocating because the graduate is the customer here and we work with over 4,000 employers nationwide.
  2. Networking Website free for all graduates — the Total Resources Network is a site used by thousands of employers and industry professionals to connect with qualified job seekers. ATS grads can post applications and search for jobs by industry or location with no fees. That means no restrictions of office hours or time zones — you can get off any shift, come home, and job hunt.
  3. Career Counseling that really is personal — ATS starts working with students from the first week of training and develops an employment package tailored to the industries and locations the student is interested in. This package includes a list of potential employers and information helping them find that first job. There’s the follow-up, too, to make sure things are going well.
  4. Soft Skills Training for the job seeking process — it isn’t enough to have the knowledge and skills to run heavy equipment. You also have to get through networking, application procedures, and interviews. ATS instructors are all experienced as business owners, construction site foremen, and superintendents so they can help students see what employers look for.


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