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Large Employment Growth Predicted For Truck Driving

If you are wondering whether or not truck driving had a future – wonder no more. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, truck driving is at number thirteen in their list of the careers with the largest growth expectations. The BLS statistics put growth at 13%, which effectively equals 233,000 new truck driving jobs. Before you get too excited, these are ten year figures so the actual annual growth rate is around 23,300.

Now, consider one other fact – over 5% of the truck driving workforce is either moving on or retiring each year, so those number of new drivers each year suddenly explodes. With a workforce of 1.8 million drivers, the number of drivers required to replace those leaving the industry is approximately 90,000 – per year. Now you can get excited because that represents 100,000 new truck drivers needed each year until 2018.

Realistically, you could say that each state needs around 2,000 new truck drivers each year. That’s still a lot of drivers that need to be trained, licensed, and given experience. The one thing that ATS is renown for is providing the trucking industry with drivers that are well trained and ready for employment. We have a database with thousands of employers, many of whom are looking for new drivers on a regular basis.

If you have ever had a dream to drive trucks, either locally, intrastate, or interstate, then now could be a good time to start your truck driver training. Truck driver jobs generally peak in early summer and with training only requiring three weeks of your time, you could be trained, licensed, and ready to roll, just when employers are reaching out to take on new drivers.

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