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Gaining A Commercial Drivers License Within A Month

A trick question to start today’s post. How long does it take to gain a commercial drivers license (CDL)? Now I know the title says you can gain one within a month, however, the real answer is even simpler – it takes as long as you need to pass the relevant commercial drivers license tests. If you have never driven a truck before, then it could take you years to gain a truck license. Of course, you can cut that back considerably by learning how to drive a truck.

ATS CDL Schools offer three week full-time training programs that cover all the essential requirements for passing your commercial drivers license tests. This includes road rules and truck driver safety, CDL regulations including topics such as log books, along with pre-trip inspections and coupling and un-coupling techniques.

In the cab is where you will learn to actually drive – and you’ll be the one driving, not an instruction with you alongside to watch. Learning to drive a truck is far different than learning to drive a car. A fully laden truck can take up to 200 yards to come to a stop, and that’s in an emergency. Reversing is different to a car, however, if you have had experience reversing with a car and trailer then you have a good start.

Truck driving is a career that has you constantly out on the roads mixing it with the general public. Truck safety is paramount for a number of reasons – obviously no one want to see any loss of life, and trucking companies don’t want to lose trucks or their important loads. This is why truck safety is such an important issue.

If you attend ATS CDL Schools, you can complete your CDL training in three weeks and be ready to pass those all important CDL tests. Pass them and you’ll be the proud owner of a truck drivers license and ready to work in the industry. Now, how quickly can you arrange to sit those CDL tests?

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