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Job Placement – When The Economy Is Tough, You Need A Friend

There is so much talk about a recession and tough times, businesses failing and the resultant job losses, you would think there was no hope for the future. There are two areas that should be looked at under these circumstances – considering a career change and finding a ‘friend’ who can help you find employment in your new career.

Heavy equipment operations is one area that worth consideration. The road to recovery from a recession is generally through construction. As roads, houses, businesses and factories are built, more money goes into the economy, this results in more jobs and the circle of growth begins.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can help you to train for a new career. Heavy equipment is an integral part of the construction industry so as construction grows, so to does the need for heavy equipment operators.

The big bonus is that ATS can also be that ‘friend’ that can help you find a start in your new career. ATS has a job placement service that helps new graduates connect to prospective employers. The service includes a job placement data base placement database that contains hundreds of employers who hire graduates right out of our school.

ATS has also developed a website that is dedicated to providing job placement help and employee resume tools. Resumes can be lodged and prospective employers can view these to help them select future employees.

When the economy is tough, you need help to find employment. This is particularly true when it is a new field and you have little knowledge of the major players. Do you have a job placement friend?

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