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Our Job Placement Assistance Service Is Waiting For You

Are you considering working in the field of construction, perhaps as a heavy equipment operator? What is stopping you? One of the biggest concerns for anyone is to dedicate time to training and gaining a qualification only to find there are no openings available. Perhaps a dedicated job placement assistance service could be the answer.

One of the strengths of ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools is the job placement assistance we provide. Our team attend Job Fairs whenever possible to promote our services to both employers and prospective students. Because of our reputation for providing highly skilled heavy equipment operators to industry, we find that hundreds of employers are using our services to offer employment to graduates.

Our job placement assistance includes:

  • Job Placement Assistance Database
    • you can search for potential employers by state, city, or zip code
  • National Job Placement Assistance Coordinator
    • our placement department produces a list of potential employers in your desired area
  • Campus Job Placement Assistance Department
    • job placement assistance is a cooperative effort between the School and the student – we work together to achieve a successful job placement
  • Placement Assistance Follow-up
    • we follow up with every graduate regarding his/her job placement success
  • Job Placement Assistance Website
    • website dedicated to providing job placement help and employee resume tools

Once you commence training you can access these services and talk the staff involved. Our aim is to go beyond just providing a training service. You continued success in the industry is our success so if employment doubts exist – contact one of our schools for more information on how we may be able to help.

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