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Job Placement, A Part of the Program at Associated Training Services

We offer job placement here at Associated Training Services because we stand by our training and want our graduates to be able to put it to use as quickly as possible. We have the utmost faith that our graduates will be able to take the lessons that they have learned in our training schools and put them to work in a real workplace. We realize that it can be hard for a new graduate to know where to look for work and that the longer it takes for a graduate to find work, the more they will have forgotten. It is for these reasons that we offer job placement.

Associated Training Services has been training skilled operators of heavy equipment for many years. Our courses are nationally accredited and just as importantly, companies around the country recognize that our graduates are employable. We have a large list of employers that are part of our job placement program. We help many of our graduates by arranging job placement with companies within our extensive network of contacts.

Job placement is good for you and it is good for us. Keeping in touch with companies that make use of heavy equipment keeps our finger on the pulse. It makes it all the easier for us to prepare our students for exciting and challenging careers in heavy equipment.

If you are interested in learning more about our job placement program here at Associated Training Services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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