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Training is Worthless Without Job Placement

All of the training in the world is not going to help someone that does not make use of it. People forget skills that they have learned and they do so quickly. The old adage, “like riding a bicycle,” does not apply to complex heavy equipment, at least not after you have just finished training. This is why job placement is such a big part of our program here at Associated Training Services. We can help place our graduates with employers throughout the country, ensuring that they are able to further develop their skills in a real workplace.

Job placement is as much a part of the learning process as training. In training, our students learn a wide range of new skills and they learn how to perform in a real workplace. With job placement, you will find a place to work and to hone and perfect the skills that we have taught you.

Getting to work as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance. Just as there is a learning curve, it could be said that there is an unlearning curve. Few people are able to retain skills for months or years after they have learned them if they do not put them to use. Most people will begin to unlearn skills that they have learned days after they finish training. The same person is likely to show markedly less heavy equipment skill a month later if they have not been making use of it.

Our job placement program is the best way that we can fulfill our responsibility as educators and give a little something back to our students. We do help you find work once you have graduated our program. If you have any questions about job placement, please contact us here at Associated Training Services.

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