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Use Your Training Straight Away with Job Placement

Why is job placement such an important part of the training process? Job placement is where you take the skills that we teach you here at Associated Training Services and put them to use in the workplace for the first time. Just as there is a learning curve, there is a forgetting curve and the longer that you spend between training and working, the more you will forget and the harder it will be to start. We want to help you get to work right away and for this reason we offer job placement.

But haven’t I already learned everything by the time I finish my course? You will have learned many things by the time you finish your Associated Training Services certification, but you will not have learned everything. So much about heavy equipment is picked up on the job. At our schools, you will be around other students and professional instructors. It is in a sense an artificial environment. Everyone at the school does or tries to do the right thing. We don’t get too many problems with heavy equipment safety, and hopefully, everyone on the job site is confident. People encourage each other and in general the experience is positive. On a real job site though, that is not always the case. There will be unskilled workers that know very little about heavy equipment safety, in a sense you will have greater responsibilities and there will be a whole host of distractions that you are going to have to learn to ignore. In addition you will be polishing your skills, which will likely not be perfect by the time that you complete your certification. There is still a lot to learn and job placement is where many people pick it up.

We are able to offer job placement at Associated Training Services because we have connections to many different companies around the country. These companies recognize the caliber of our graduates and are pleased to offer a helping hand. If you already have a job, you might not need to worry about job placement, but if you don’t why not take us up on it. Contact us at Associated Training Services if you have any questions about job placement or any other aspect of our heavy equipment training programs.

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