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Excavator Mistakes Start Here

There are a lot of ways an excavator operator can get into trouble. Some of them are dangerous, like undercutting your machine when digging a trench, or working on a slope the wrong way. Others are really kind of funny, like Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. In this classic children's book, the challenge to do the work in a…

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Rural Communities Reliant On Heavy Equipment Operators

When we discuss heavy equipment operator careers, the primary focus is on construction. Mining is another industry that relies heavily on equipment operators. Rural communities are also reliant on heavy equipment operators, however, their needs are more for operators who are multi-skilled. This includes being able to operate bulldozers, loaders, excavators and backhoes. It also helps to have a commercial…

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Are You A One Trick Pony Or Are You Ready To Multi-Skill?

There are two basic types of heavy equipment operator - those who specialize in one type of equipment and those who multi-skill and operate a range of equipment. There is still room in the industry for both, however, employers are showing a preference for multi-skilled operators. The rationale is simple; employers can place multi-skilled operators where the need is most.…

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Excavator Safety Training

As with all heavy equipment, an operator using an excavator must be aware of his surroundings at all times. He must also follow all safety precautions and protocols established for the site. This is essential for excavator safety and remaining accident free on the work site. Prior to starting the excavator, a visual inspection should be performed as part of…

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