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Excavators Still The Experts At Trenching

The traditional role of an excavator was to dig trenches. There have been times when all an operator did was dig mile after mile of trenches – sometimes deep, sometimes shallow. The laying of pipes around the nation has been important for our development. Whether it’s waste water, fresh drinking water, or services such as power, gas, or cable TV – without an excavator to dig the trenches we would still be struggling along using man power.

Today, while excavators can be found in diverse roles such as mining, forestry and dredging, their expertise still lies with digging trenches. The modern excavator is very different from those of 20-30 years ago. Today, they use lasers and GPS to help guide them; the operator sits in air-conditioned comfort, often with a cd player and two way radio for communication. Excavators can now dig trenches to within the finest of measurements, and in a quarter of the time of the older equipment.

While the work may have become easier, that shouldn’t undervalue the skills of the operators. Yes, you can be trained and work ready in as little as three weeks, but your training doesn’t end there. Like most heavy equipment, once you have completed your basic heavy equipment training, you are ready for a life time of on-the-job training with every situation holding some sort of lesson.

As our population ages, the real problem in the future may well be a shortage of skilled operators. If you have considered a career in the heavy equipment industry, who not look a little closer at excavators. Operators are amongst the best paid heavy equipment operators and there is rarely any shortage of work available.

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