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Excavator Training – See Them In Action And Grab A Free Training Session

Excavators are a popular option when it comes to heavy equipment careers. They look more complex than they really are, a fact you can see for yourself if you attend one of our free workshops. These workshops have a range of heavy equipment on display – you can even climb into the cabs and check them out for yourself – and while you’re there, participate in one of our training modules, all at no cost.

Why attend a workshop? You can:

  • see the campus, the classrooms and the general environment;
  • meet some of our training instructors;
  • talk to some of our current students;
  • discuss training and payment options with our admissions counselors;
  • experience real training firsthand;
  • gain a head start on actual training by fully completing a training module;
  • gain firsthand experience on the machinery;
  • find out if this is something you really want to do – before spending any money.

They are important considerations, especially the last. Each of the previous points lead to that final conclusion. By walking around the campus, talking to other students, and getting a real feel for the environment, you will quickly come to understand whether or not you will ‘fit in’. By attending a training module you will gain an understanding of what is involved in learning to operate heavy equipment, excavators included.

Firsthand experience is invaluable, and when it’s offered for free, even more so. Heavy equipment is an exciting field to get into and with the amount of construction being undertaken at present, there is no shortage of work. Employment opportunities for the future are probably better than most other industries.

If you have been considering a career as an excavator operator, or in any other field of heavy equipment, check out our complete schedule of free heavy equipment workshops. While you’re at it, check out our free CDL workshops as well.

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