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5 Uses for a Backhoe

One of the most versatile machines on any work site is the backhoe. If you look at it, it resembles a huge metal spider. But I've never met anyone who knew how to operate a backhoe who didn't also enjoy operating one. Here are five ways you can use a backhoe to get the job done. Dig a Trench -…

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Heavy Equipment Operators Have Heart Wrenching Tasks Too

Heavy equipment operators work in a wide range of activities, the hardest being the clean up after storms. As we head into the summer months, there are many operators preparing themselves for the associated storms. A lot of attention is paid to those who lose homes and businesses because of storms, however, little attention is paid to those who do…

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Rural Communities Reliant On Heavy Equipment Operators

When we discuss heavy equipment operator careers, the primary focus is on construction. Mining is another industry that relies heavily on equipment operators. Rural communities are also reliant on heavy equipment operators, however, their needs are more for operators who are multi-skilled. This includes being able to operate bulldozers, loaders, excavators and backhoes. It also helps to have a commercial…

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Are You A One Trick Pony Or Are You Ready To Multi-Skill?

There are two basic types of heavy equipment operator - those who specialize in one type of equipment and those who multi-skill and operate a range of equipment. There is still room in the industry for both, however, employers are showing a preference for multi-skilled operators. The rationale is simple; employers can place multi-skilled operators where the need is most.…

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Heavy Equipment Job Listings: April 28, 2012

If you're looking for a job that pays top wages, offers an excellent benefit package, or perhaps provides you with an opportunity to work for a global leader, then keep on reading. This week's job listings include opportunities with theses features for heavy equipment operators. Pipeline Foreman & Experienced Heavy Equipment Operator Dewey, OK Hiring Pipeline Foreman & Experienced Heavy…

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The Backhoe

Many mistake it for a bulldozer or a steam shovel, but the backhoe is one of the most important pieces of heavy equipment on any work site. It is highly versatile and needed on nearly every construction site. Due to its versatility, some intense backhoe training is required to ensure safe and proper operation at all times. A backhoe can…

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