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Learn to Operate a Bulldozer

Bulldozer training is one of the most important things you can do for your career. If you want a long and successful career as a heavy equipment operator, then the bulldozer is one of the essential pieces of machinery to learn how to handle. So what do you learn in bulldozer training? 10 Types of Equipment You'll Learn to Operate…

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15 Safety Tips For Bulldozer Operators

Safely operating a bulldozer is very important because it is such a powerful machine that serious injury and death are real probabilities when something goes wrong. only qualified operators should be on a bulldozer seatbelts should always be used operators must follow proper lockout, blockout, and tagout procedures flaggers must be assigned where signs and barricades cannot control traffic bulldozers…

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Types of Bulldozer Training

Like a lot of other types of heavy equipment, there isn't just one type of bulldozer. There are a variety of bulldozers and they all have different purposes on the job site. In general, all bulldozers have a blade and a ripper. The blade is the big metal plate on the front of the tracked vehicle, which is used to…

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Safety: Learning To Operator A Bulldozer

Bulldozers are awesome machines. Equipped with a huge bucket on one end, they're useful when you have huge loads of dirt or other material that you need to push out of the way. On construction sites you'll often see large piles of debris - usually material removed from a structure during tear down or scraps during the building phase of…

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Bulldozers Not Built For Speed Demons

Bulldozers would have to be one of the slowest moving pieces of heavy equipment in operation. If you're looking for a speed machine, then bulldozers are definitely not for you. In most cases, you could outwalk a bulldozer, I doubt you'd raise a sweat trying to evade one. What they lack in speed they more than make up for in…

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Bulldozing Your Way Around The Nation

One of the benefits of a career as a heavy equipment operator is that your training and experience is recognized nationwide, unlike in some trades where your skills or qualifications could be localized. You could climb into the operator's seat of a bulldozer then drive all the way around the nation - just keep off the roads and you'll be…

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