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Bulldozing Your Way Around The Nation

One of the benefits of a career as a heavy equipment operator is that your training and experience is recognized nationwide, unlike in some trades where your skills or qualifications could be localized. You could climb into the operator’s seat of a bulldozer then drive all the way around the nation – just keep off the roads and you’ll be fine.

Bulldozer operators, like many other heavy equipment operators, often work to the seasons. They’ll head north when it’s warm and dry in summer then head south as winter sets in and closes down construction. Some operators hang around and operate snow plows either in towns or in cities to keep roads clear, or on snow fields to carefully groom ski runs. Those operators who live and work in the south tend to be in a position to find work all year round since construction shut downs only occur in the worst of weather – hurricanes and tornadoes being both enemy and foe, closing down construction sites whilst creating havoc and more work.

If you undertake heavy equipment operator training through a recognized training school, then you’ll find that employers nationally will recognize your skills. Undertake training through a school that is not recognized and you’ll struggle to find work locally, let alone nationally.

One of the most popular machinery in heavy equipment is the bulldozer, mainly because of the demand for operators and the ease of use. Good bulldozer operators are judged by their ability to understand soil structures and how their machinery is going to handle each type of soil. This is gained through experience, and the wider your experience the more skilled you’ll become.

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