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Bulldozers Still The Number One Attraction

Mention heavy equipment and most people think of a bulldozer. That probably relates back to most people’s childhood where a bulldozer was an essential toy in every sandbox. In the adult world, bulldozers are still one of the most popular choices when it comes to heavy equipment careers.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, depending on your mind set, many employers see life differently. Rather than employing a bulldozer operator, their preference is to employ a heavy equipment operator – in other words, an operate who is skilled across a range of heavy equipment. That’s not to say you can’t spend your whole working life as a bulldozer operator. Having those extra skills does come in handy when times are quiet.

In truth, there is a certain sameness coming into heavy equipment. The levers, buttons and pedals are very similar across most heavy equipment. Bulldozers run on tracks, but then, so too do many other types of heavy equipment. Bulldozers have a range of attachments that can be added to the rear – so too do excavators and backhoes. Most heavy equipment machinery now utilizes modern technology such as onboard computing, GPS and laser technology.

The big difference between each type of machinery is the type of work done. Bulldozers typically push dirt around. Excavators excavate, loaders load and graders grade. Modern operators learn how to perform each job, how their heavy equipment interacts in various environments and with different soil types.

Bulldozers are still the number one choice for many new operators to the industry. However, if they have attended a good heavy equipment operator training school, then they will have the range of skills that many employers are now looking for.

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