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Types of Bulldozer Training

Like a lot of other types of heavy equipment, there isn’t just one type of bulldozer. There are a variety of bulldozers and they all have different purposes on the job site.

In general, all bulldozers have a blade and a ripper.

The blade is the big metal plate on the front of the tracked vehicle, which is used to push materials into a pile. Blades can either be straight, curved (called universal), or a combination. The ripper is a long claw on the back of the dozer. For heavy ripping, a single shank is best, but there are rippers that are multi-shanked.

Small bulldozers are often called calfdozers. They are useful working in mines and other small areas.

An angledozer is a bulldozer whose blade is pushed forward on one end, or angled, so that it can push materials off to the side. These are handy in northern states where cities and municipalities are required to push snow off the streets for public safety purposes.

The military uses armored bulldozers, which allow them to fortify defenses in combat operations.

If you want to be a bulldozer operator, you’ll need to seek training. Heavy Equipment School will teach you how to operate a bulldozer safely in any working environment.

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