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What Is An Hydraulic Excavator?

Hydraulic excavators are no to dissimilar to traditional excavators. They include the standard work unit which has a 360° swing mounted on an undercarriage used for travel. The front-end attachment can be exchanged to allow for a wide range of applications including digging and loading.

The hydraulic excavator is driven hydraulically in a manner completely different to a mechanically driven type. The engines mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy. The hydraulic energy is then passed along and then converted back into mechanical energy. In other words, travel, swing and dig is all done by hydraulic power.

A major feature of a hydraulic excavator is the full 360° swing along with the combined operations of digging, loading and swing ensuring high operating efficiencies and production. By exchanging the front-end attachments, a wider range of applications are available.

Whether it is a standard excavator or an hydraulic excavator, the basic operations are still the same and the same training is required. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide training to get you into a career as an excavator operator.

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