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Bulldozers, Excavators and Coal Mining

The excavator and bulldozer play a tag team role in many mining environments, none more so than the coal mining industry. Here they are the kings of heavy equipment virtually running the whole show. All other heavy equipment rely on these two operating effectively.

Excavators are powerful units of heavy equipment designed to chew away at the coal face, taking huge bites. Most excavators rely on one or more conveyor belts to remove the mined material to either large dump trucks or to a huge pile awaiting transport away from the mine.

Bulldozers provide the grunt when it comes to push. Bulldozers collect the excess material from around the excavator. This allows for easier for easier movement around the site. The bulldozer is also ensuring that all the mined coal is heaped up ready for transport.

The work hand-in-hand; one scraping the other pushing. Heavy equipment operators in the coal mining industry may specialize in just one piece of equipment or they may be relied upon to operate several different pieces of heavy equipment. Gaining a cross section of training is always going to be a big plus when it comes to looking fro employment.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools we endeavor to provide you with that cross section of heavy equipment training to prepare you for employment in a cross section of industries including the coal mining industry.

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