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Heavy Equipment With A Difference

We traditionally think of heavy equipment as being a bulldozer or grader. Perhaps and excavator as well. They are not the only heavy equipment in use these days.

Look at any road construction gang and you have these traditional heavy equipment operators. Other operators include roller operators, truck drivers and the operators of equipment that spreads the gravel or spreads the tarmac that seals the new road.

On construction sites you have the traditional heavy equipment such as bulldozers and cranes. You also have specialized equipment such as trenchers, whose only role is to dig trenches for the laying of pipes or deep foundations.

Trenchers are strange looking beasts. The motor and cabin at one end with a long tail armed with cutting teeth. Some of these trenchers can cut through solid rock like it was butter, cutting a five or six feet deep hole in solid rock in very quick time.

Operators of some of this heavy equipment started off with training as a bulldozer or grader operator and moved on to the other equipment as they gained experience. Your career in heavy equipment has no limitations once you get a start in the industry.

To get a start in the industry you need the right training and perhaps some help getting that first job. That’s where ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can help. We can provide you with that training and perhaps even help you into your first job. You wont know until you take that first step.

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