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Heavy Equipment Training In Minnesota

The Governors of Minnesota and Wisconsin have entered into an agreement to share services and to work together on more than 80 projects funded under the economic stimulus package announced by the federal government. These projects include the Midwest Rail Initiative, water conservation and transport programs. Whilst this is only a start, as the two governments start working together, rather than competing for resources they will start to schedule projects to best utilize available resources – this will include labor and machinery such as heavy equipment.

Individuals living in Minnesota may well find themselves working on road or rail projects in Wisconsin – of course the reverse will also be true. To take advantage in the surge in demand for heavy equipment operators, Minnesota residents looking at heavy equipment as a career should be preparing now – your first step will be to undertake training.

Whilst ATS doesn’t currently have an operator school in Minnesota, we do have one in Sun Prairie, just north of Madison. Our Sun Prairie heavy equipment operator school provides training in a wide range of construction related fields including heavy equipment, truck driving (CDL) and crane operations (including crane operator certification).

Just because you live outside the state does not mean you cannot participate in training. In fact, you can get a head start by signing up and completing our free online training program for heavy equipment operators. Whilst travel on a daily basis may be difficult, finding accommodation for the period required should not be too difficult.

The demand on both sides of the border is set to jump and those who have had the training and experience will be well placed to fill those vacancies. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a reputation for being one of the best training organizations in the country so if you are looking for heavy equipment training in Minnesota, don’t let a state border get in the way – the two state governments are not going to.

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