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Heavy Equipment Operators Often Need To Work At Night

There are times when a heavy equipment operator cannot work during daylight hours, they are forced to work at night due to a variety of reasons. One of the prime reasons is simply access.

Virginia is a prime example. The state is only 430 miles long by 200 miles wide, the 35th in size, and yet it has the third largest highway system in the country. You would think with all that highway that traffic would not be a problem – but it is. It is a big problem for road construction crews. The highways are so busy that any highway work cannot be done during the day – it can only be done overnight when the traffic has thinned out a little and is more controllable.

Is working overnight a big problem? Many construction workers prefer it, particularly in summer when the nights are cooler and working conditions a lot easier – of course, winter is then a different story. Heavy equipment operators at least have the comfort of their cabs.

Overnight road building is not restricted to one or two pieces of equipment. The whole range is in use from bulldozer through to excavators, loaders, graders and dump trucks. This is particularly true on roads where the old seal is being pulled up, the ground reworked ready for resealing. Other jobs include highway straightening where large bends are bypassed, on/off ramp construction and bridge repairs or rebuilding.

Working as a heavy equipment operator is a challenging and yet rewarding career. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools deliver accredited training on a wide variety of heavy equipment and provide the heavy equipment industry with well trained and work ready graduates. If you are ready to be one of those work ready graduates then contact us through our website for information on your heavy equipment training options.

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