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Do Your Heavy Equipment Operators Require Specialized Training?

The introduction of new equipment and new technology can often bring operational difficulties. This is particularly true for heavy equipment like bulldozers, excavators, and graders. The introduction of GPS is one such technology that was discussed in yesterday’s post. Other technologies include the introduction of computer systems, particularly those that help to monitor and optimize hydraulic fluids.

Many businesses are able to take up training offers made by the manufacturers of these machines. Others are either not in a position to take up any offers, find them too expensive, or, in many cases, are simply not offered any training – they are just handed instruction booklets.

Associated Training Services has a specialized division – ATS Specialized Training – that offers specialized training to businesses across the nation. Your employees can be trained at either one of ATS’s training schools or at the employee’s workplace. Training is designed to meet the particular needs of the business taking into account the type of equipment used and the type of work undertaken by that equipment.

Employees can also be assessed using nationally accredited assessment criteria. These criteria have been set by organizations such as the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), OSHA, and MSHA. For crane operators, they can be assessed using NCCCO criteria to become certified crane operators. This is a compulsory requirement in some states.

Specialized heavy equipment training is not for every employer. However, when undertaken as a workgroup, it can increase productivity and decrease accidents and downtime. Contact us at 1.800.678.8120 or through our website for more information on specialized heavy equipment training.

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