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Heavy Equipment Operators Now Receiving Heavy Pay Checks

If you are in the heavy equipment operator sector then your paychecks are growing quite strongly as the demand for your skills grows.

Latest figures from the Department of Labor show the median hourly rate for heavy equipment operators at $17.74 with some as high as $23.98. These rates were for those in the construction industry. Sector breakdowns are as follows:

Highway, street, and bridge construction $19.88
Utility system construction $18.62
Other specialty trade contractors $18.00
Other heavy and civil engineering construction $17.63
Local government $15.95

Heavy equipment operators in the paving, surfacing, and tamping areas received a slightly lower median of $15.05 with some earning as high as $19.71. Sector breakdowns:

Other specialty trade contractors $15.26
Highway, street, and bridge construction 15.11
Local government 14.86

Median hourly earnings of wage and salary piledriver operators were $22.20 with a top rate of $31.65. Sector breakdowns:

Other heavy and civil engineering construction $28.60
Highway, street, and bridge construction 22.50
Other specialty trade contractors 20.60
Utility system construction 18.62

Compared to many other industries the growth in paychecks for heavy equipment operators is still strong and growing annually.

Tomorrows post will look at other heavy equipment sectors such as mining and forestry. Careers in the heavy equipment sector are strong so if you are looking for a start – visit ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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