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Heavy Equipment Operators In Non Constuction Industries

Heavy equipment is normally associated with construction and often with just land clearing and road building. There are however many other areas where heavy equipment operators are required. These include farms, forestry, mining and cargo ports.

The Department of Labor is expecting strong growth in the requirement for heavy equipment operators in these areas. Growth ranges from a strong 10% in mining to 4% in forestry with farming and cargo around the 7%.

Wages in these occupations range from around the $11 for rural/farming occupations to $18 for crane operators working in our ports.

Truck haulage is expect to rise significantly as the cost of fuel impacts on the airline industry. Growth is difficult to asses given the option of rail versus road. If road continues to expand then employment growth to reach 12-13% in coming years.

Wages for truck drivers vary greatly with local drivers receiving a little over $15 per hour. Long distance drivers are being paid per trip rather than per hour and wages vary according to the distance traveled.

As we have seen with this weeks posts, the requirement for heavy equipment operators is growing strongly in all sectors of our economy. The wages are also growing at a rate comparable to inflation with conditions for workers improving all the time.

Given the new technology and ability of employers to do more with less, the increase in labor in these sectors is significant. Economic downturn normally calls for cuts in the workforce. This is not so in the heavy equipment skills area.

To join the heavy equipment work force you need the appropriate skills. We keep pace with modern trends and employer requirements and offer training that is relevant to these needs. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools would be happy to discuss your training needs and provide you with the opportunity to kick start you career.

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