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Heavy Equipment To Get Obama Boost

As follow on from yesterday’s post “Are There Really Heavy Equipment Jobs In A Recession?“, readers should consider the impact of a new President being elected during a time of economic problems.

One of the key points that President elect Obama has made is the promise to spend around $175 Billion on infrastructure. At least half of that amount will involve heavy equipment and, naturally, heavy equipment operators.

This represents the biggest ever investment in infrastructure and even exceeds the creation of the federal highway system in the 1950s – at least in dollar/time terms.

Heavy equipment operators will be in demand and the one of the benefits of a national plan is that the demand will spread nationwide. You can play a part in the rebuilding of the economy by becoming a heavy equipment operator yourself and now is the perfect time to get started.

The demand for operators will not occur until the spring and will peak in the late summer. If you start your training now and follow that up with experience on smaller jobs in your area, you will have the training and experience required to take on the larger jobs as the demand arises.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can help you on two fronts. We can provide you with all the necessary training to be successful as an operator of heavy equipment. Just as importantly, we may be able to help you find employment to help you gain that additional experience. The complete package that will help you to play a role in rebuilding our economy.

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